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Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Europe and one of the leading causes of cancer death worldwide [1, 2]. In the past years treatment and outcome of early and advanced disease has steadily improved. Progress in imaging enables more precise differentiation of prognostic
subgroups in rectal cancer and a selected treatment approach based on tumour–node–metastasis (TNM) stage and potential mesorectal fascia (MRF) involvement to improve local control. Even in metastatic disease some patients with metastases limited to liver and/or lung can be cured with a multi-modal treatment approach of intensive chemotherapy, followed by secondary R0-resection of initially unresectable disease. Currently, a broad variety of trials and retrospective analyses gave further insights into clinical questions like selection and duration of treatment, combinations with targeted agents and tailored treatment with respect to clinical and molecular factors. In addition, knowledge of prognostic as well as
predictive biomarkers (blood, tumour tissue) is significantly increasing to better guide selection of drugs and treatment strategy. … Read More